A mid-length film inspired by Strindberg’s "The Stronger"

Status: Currently in Post Production. 


A woman in crisis. Pregnant with her third child, feeling distanced from her husband and hasn’t spoken to her best friend in a year. But why? Why are they acting so strangely? A film about the journey of the mind leading up to a confrontation.


Monstress Mess, actually a theatre collective, shot a film. Exclusively with women in creative leader positions and with the support of the queer bar Tipsy Bear in Prenzlauer Berg.

'The Stronger' would have been the debut production of our newly founded theatre collective Monstress Mess. The premiere was confirmed for May 2020 at Brotfabrik Berlin. The premiere had to be cancelled and could not take place. In order to remain active, we have rewritten our theatre concept into a medium-length film. 
The film is meant to document our work and make us visible to the public. The pandemic encourages us performing artists to explore and embrace other media. For us, the balancing act from theatre to film is a great challenge that we face with courage and curiosity - we cannot and will not sit still. It is important for us to remain pro-active, because our theatre collective has a voice that should be heard.
The film was financed with money from the crowdfunding campaign: 'The Stronger: Psychological Porn', which we launched in February 2020. Filming took place in mid-April 2021 under strict corona measures. The film is now in post-production.

Director and Concept: Rebecca Scott

Lucie Aron
Judith Shoemaker 
Anton Pohle

DoP: Julia Patey
Producer: Lucie Aron
Production Manager: Judith Shoemaker
Line Producer: Carolin Ott
Sound: Aude Langlois
Set Design: Marjan Boukes
Costumes: Laure Tinette
Gaffer and 1st AD: Florian Bartholomäi
AD/PA: Armin Moallem