Our crowdfunding campaign is LIVE!

You can now contribute to the making of our production of 'THE STRONGER' by August Strindberg. ==>https://igg.me/at/monstressmess

As artists leaving home and travelling to a far away land, when you arrive in a new place you need the support of other artists. We have called on our creative Berlin community to organise some amazing perks for you when you invest in Monstress Mess. Some of these amazing generous artists & offers featured are: get a personlised lino print Bill Roberts, a street art mural Bean Smith, a motivational video message from Drag Queen Lola Rose George N Roses, a tattoo Nichole Jesse, a song remix Rob Atkinson, a slam poem Charlie Dupré or a private cooking course and many many more.

Check them all out on our campaign page and watch this space for features on each artist, as well as updates on the progress of The Stronger! . . . #crowdfundingcampaign #theatre #newproduction #collective#crowdfunding #art #indiegogo #crowdfundingproject#independenttheatre #berlin #womenintheatre #freiestheater#freieszene #monstressmess #thestronger #strindberg#psychologicalporn

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