Currently in research and development. 


‘Dark Field’ is a theater production, which will follow the story of non-offending pedophile ‘Adam’ (as featured on ‘This American Life’), and is intended to raise awareness of the existence of pedophiles who successfully manage their attractions and do not commit crimes against minors.


The play will raise questions about how we as a society should respond to such people, and whether child abuse could be better prevented through the use of treatment programmes and general de-stigmatization of non-offending pedophiles.  


A collaboration between director Rebecca Scott and playwright Charlie Dupré, the piece will be researched and written and planned to be premiered in Berlin in 2022 and subsequently toured both throughout Germany and internationally.

Director: Rebecca Scott
Writer: Charlie Dupré
Dramaturg: Fiona Klassen
Producer: Judith Shoemaker 

With the support of Fonds Darstellende Künste