Voice and Movement Educator


Né in 1991 and raised in Berlin, Manuel started his career as a voice actor as a child when he cut out newspaper articles, stuck them on moderation cards, and narrated the news through a television frame made of cardboard. Years and a study of voice and speech coaching later, he now works as a voice actor for dubbing, audiobooks, and commercials and has taught speech at various drama schools (such as Filmschauspielschule Berlin; Musical Arts Academy Mainz; Berliner Schule für Schauspiel; Akademie Deutsche Pop). He has also completed his studies as Somatic Movement Educator (Body-Mind Centering©) and works with actresses and actors in preparation for the authentic embodiment of roles.


Through his work, Manuel seeks to uncover the innate uniqueness of his clients and infuse it into the requirements of the role, espousing the sentiment that authenticity in voice, movement, and acting can only be achieved through finding the individual creative spark and deeply grounding it in a body that moves, senses, and feels in the here and now.  Manuel’s sun is in Aries and his moon is in Gemini.