Monstress Mess is a Berlin based theatre collective started by 3 women: Judith Shoemaker (Germany/America/England), Lucie Aron (France) and Rebecca Scott (Australia, Scotland). The three of us met in 2018 while working together on a theatrical production at Theaterforum Kreuzberg. Through that experience we realised we had a great working relationship and a common interest in being able to connect our artistic work with the issues that are affecting the community. 


In early 2019 we formed Monstress Mess to create and produce artistic work that explores social issues and human behaviour; with a focus on empathising with members of society who are vilified and seen as outsiders. We use our global female perspective to explore the experience of the so-called monsters of our messy world. This process requires an extensive research period working with real-life subjects and with behavioural science professionals. 

Together we have built an international team of collaborators to tell stories in a theatrical setting based on the opinions, experiences and views of a diverse group of artists. As well as our home countries above, artists also come from Denmark, Poland, Peru and San Francisco. This allows us to provide a broader perspective on current political issues and controversial subject matter.